Podcast repurposing packages

How do you keep your listeners interested

between episodes releases?

If you don’t have time to release an episode every week,  skilful podcast content repurposing will keep your audience warm until your next release. And I happen to have two podcast repurposing packages that will help you do just that.


👉 Cleverly curated and repackaged podcast episode content to fit in with your content strategy.

👉 Editing that goes beyond simple clip generation. Get trailer-style clips, add pictures, sounds etc.

👉 Choose between two packages –  suitable for many platforms: LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube shorts, and TikTok.

👉 Maximise the time, effort and money you’ve invested in producing your podcast – with additional content suitable for many platforms.

👉 Stretch out your episodes in between releases and keep your audience warm.

👉 Bonus – Get some additional new posts from older content.

✅ Choose your package – 6 posts for £125 or even more value with 12 posts for £200.

Delivered in a mix of 9:16 (vertical) and 1:1 (square) video formats suitable for many platforms such as LinkedIn, YouTube Shorts, Insta, TikTok, etc…

Pick your package and start getting extra content from your video podcast.

Once your payment is confirmed, I will contact you within one working day to get your project started.


“Do I get my investment’s worth if my episodes are shorter than 60 minutes?” 

You might wonder whether you’re getting value for your money if your episodes are only 20 minutes long, right? Well, the answer is yes, you absolutely do. Although your episode is shorter, more research and work behind the scenes is needed to generate the same quality content you could get with a longer episode of 40 or 60 minutes. 

The reassuring thing to know is that, whether your episode is 20, 40 or 60 minutes, you will get the same quality and quantity of content. 

“How do I know you know what I want?”

Well,  you’ll have to answer a few questions before we get started. When I start working with you, I’ll make sure we are on the same page by knowing as much as possible about you and your brand (I have a detailed checklist that’ll make sure I have the information I need). This is important to make sure the content I create feels like it’s yours.

“What if I want some changes?” 

That’s okay. If you feel that you want some minor changes to the finished clips or posts, I am offering one round of editing with my packages. I’d rather you be happy with what you get. Plus, it is feedback that will let me know you better for future work.

Bea is part of the foundations of my podcast. Her attention to detail, ability to ask probing questions and push for deadlines means that my podcast goes out on time.

Bea takes away the stress of the post-production on the podcast.

My podcast and time have hugely benefited from working with Bea. It’s meant I can concentrate on my business with the time saved.

Brew Time Podcast

I think honestly, if I was doing it by myself, I would have probably got to about three.

I really mean that because it’s not because I’m not lacking drive or desire.

It was so out of my comfort zone that it would have been pushed to the back burner. So Bea has enabled it to continue and thrive.

Service Please! Podcast

I would not hesitate to recommend Bea at Bear Forward.

This was our first podcast and she has been consistently responsive to ALL our requests and queries (and there have been many!)

Nothing has been too much trouble and she has guided us well through every stage.


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