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Bea is an excellent writer and I would heartily recommend her to anyone looking for this much-needed support in their business or podcast.
More importantly, Bea is an absolute pleasure to work with.
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Video Podcast Management

Managing a video podcast is an excellent mix of content writing & content creation, marketing, creativity and lots of “techy bits”. There are so many different things involved in producing, publishing and promoting a podcast, it’s never ever dull! And there are always new things to learn.

There are many benefits of having a podcast. You can read more about the benefits of having a podcast and why you should start one now to grow your business. And like in other areas of business, consistency is the key to a successful podcast. But making sure your podcast is out on time every time is time-consuming.

So whether you want to build brand authority or boost your SEO, I use my expertise to save you time by handling everything. From editing and publishing to promoting your episodes, I will help you build your audience and grow your business.

Video Podcast Solutions to help you build your audience & make your content work harder

The only thing you have to do is record your episodes. Now you might think that even just this bit is time-consuming, but another advantage of getting me by your side is that I can make this little time investment work much harder for you.

By turning your episodes into content that you can use to support your sales. Imagine getting a full week’s worth of content from a 30-minute episode. That’s a 30-minute episode turned into social media posts, a newsletter and even a blog.

Content Writing for Video Podcasts

I love to tell stories. I write show notes for video podcasts with SEO in mind. But it’s not just the show notes that must be optimised for search. Titles and descriptions for each clip you post on social media to promote your episodes need the same level of attention.

The same applies to any piece of content that is being repurposed from your show whether you want to use it for your newsletter, blog or website.

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