Are you looking for effective ways to promote your podcast?

There are so many ways to go about promoting your podcast out there. So which one will make listeners discover your episodes and want to tune in.

It’s a crowded place for content right now, with a constantly increasing number of podcasts. And to be successful at growing an audience, you want to push your episodes into your listeners’ ears. It’s almost as important as the quality of your podcast content. Promote it well to get new listeners, the quality of your content will turn them into a committed audience.

So what will help you get new listeners and grow your audience?

I will start with an essential step of your podcast promotion.

List your podcast on every possible directory

Listing your podcast on directories is a must to reach and grow your audience. This is where listeners discover and consume podcast episodes.

Most podcast hosting platforms will allow you to list your episodes in several directories. And no, you can never list your podcast on too many directories.

Tease your audience with an audiogram

Audiograms are highlights from your episodes that you use as teasers on social media to get listeners to tune in.

Choose an audio clip from your episode. Something that lasts a few seconds and will hook your audience, so they want to find out more and download your podcast.

Because you will post your audiograms on social media, where an audio-only format is not supported, there is a bit of work to do to add a visual and some subtitles. I find that Canva and Headliner are great tools for this.

You can choose a static graphic or a photo for your audiogram. Or you can use a video. Even if you haven’t recorded yourself talking, you can get a video from places such as Shutterstock or Pexels who have an extensive selection of stock footage and videos. The important thing is to get your audiogram to stand out from the crowd.

Convert your podcast into a video

If you can take a video of yourself recording your podcast, it’s a brilliant way to engage with your audience as they can see you as well as hear you. Videos have become the top choice for content consumption and are not showing any signs of slowing down.

You will also be able to post your podcast on streaming platforms like YouTube where you can reach and engage with an even wider audience.

It’s also great to use a video when creating Audiograms as it is better at catching your audience attention than using a static image.

If you’re thinking how on earth will I get a camera crew and producer for this, then you don’t need to worry. You can still turn your podcasts into YouTube videos with a few tricks.

Just like for audiograms, you can use a static image or a loop video and convert your audio file into a video. One of my favourite tools, Canva, has YouTube video templates.

Repurpose your podcast content

Make the most of your episodes by repurposing your podcast content. This is not only saving you time, but it is also good for your SEO as you can create internal links.

Imagine getting a week’s worth of content from a 10 mins podcast! Yes, you can. You can get social media posts, a newsletter and even a blog from a 10 mins episode. Of course, it takes a bit of research and writing expertise, but it absolutely can be done.

Create a podcast landing page

A landing page is a great way to engage with your listeners. Create a page dedicated to your podcast, where you explain a bit more about your episodes’ content and what’s in it for your listeners.

The information on the page should encourage them to subscribe to your podcast, share your episodes and leave some comments and reviews.

And if you already have a website, boost your SEO by creating internal links between other pieces of content (like your blog) and your podcast page.

Some ‘Out of the box’ ideas

I have been talking to some clued up people, and we came to the same conclusion. Podcasts are mainly promoted online. On social media and websites. But what about offline promotion? Could you reach more listeners by going to the ‘physical’ places where people listen to podcasts? For example, at home or the gym.

According to a recent Ofcom podcast survey (2021), podcast is a popular form of audio for people to listen to while walking. So imagine a sidewalk chalk advertising with a QR code for people to scan and download your podcast. Something to listen to on their walk.

This sidewalk chalk advertising with a QR code was used to promote an exhibition in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

A great example of offline promotion. 

sidewalk chalk podcast
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